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Christy Wimber

Who I am, what I'm about & What's happening..

Who I Am

Having been in Church ministry well over two decades, having built various ministries, within as well as outside the local Church, having planted & led a Church for 11 years, as well as traveled the globe building, encouraging & loving the larger Church, she is in a new season. Focused on Leadership, Mental Health & the training and planting of new Churches, rather than build the ministry of Wimber, Christy is focused on how to best serve the Church at large. Her main ministry has always been her children, Camie Rose, who is now married to Hobie Johnson, and John Richard II who is still in High School.

What I'm About

Its no secret, the Church is shifting yet again. What was available 20 years ago in the area of ministry, Church planting or other ways to connect within serving the local Church has grown exponentially. Christy loves encouraging leaders. Whether it be within the walls of the Church or ways of connecting the community with the Church, or using influence to be a bridge, she wants to encourage new ways of doing & being the Church. Her goals are s all about connecting different people & groups, as she continues to speak around the world,  ministering to leaders, hoping to equip the Church in new ways of doing ministry.

Latest Projects

New TV Shows: Conversations & Conversations Live. See Christy's new blog as she shares a bit about the TV as well as the new book.

New Book: Wholeness: Taking a New Look at Healing

This is super exciting as Christy, along with Katharine Welby-Roberts have been working together at events called, Wholeness. We have looked at what healing actually means with acknowledgement we are body, soul and spirit. Some of today’s healing models are doing more damage than good. Mental illness is now found in every family, with rising statistics in suicide, anxiety, depression amongst many other struggles we find pertaining to mental health. Christy re-opens our belief systems about healing, including the challenge to the Church to become places of safety where deeper healing and wholeness can take place.



It's no secret the world is seeking leadership & its needed more than ever. In order for the Church to be effective, we must be present. This is not about conquering or taking over cities and organizations, but learning how to serve effectively. Whether male or female, the Church needs people willing to lay down their lives for the sake of the Kingdom. This section will feature interviews, clips & articles encouraging all of us to grow in the area of leadership.

Mental Health

1 in 4. Thats the statistic with those struggling with mental health. With all thats happening around the world, this is growing. How do we bring healing & wholeness to the world around us? Christy has shared that she believes that if the Church doesnt get equipped in the area of mental health, learning new models, we will be ineffective or sadly continue to damage by being uninformed. The world is groaning & with more & more tragic events, the aftermath where mental health is affected will become greater. Getting equipped is the first step to getting involved.

Relationship Building/ Church Planting

Christy's love for the whole Church takes her around the world serving in several different Denominations, Movements with friends around the world. There are so many Church planting movements who are building into future generations. Find out more of what's happening around the world. If you have desire to plant a Church, send us a note & stay connected. We'll be offering some forums & interactions with those who want to plant, with who have more experience in planting. The world is getting smaller & Church Planting is ever changing. Be encouraged as there are incredible places who are in need of those willing to serve!

Interviews, Articles & Links....

Interviews About Leading

All about leadership... No matter if your new to leadership or a 'sage', this section includes interviews, encouragements from Christy & various friends around the world who lead in different capacities.

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Interviews about Women Leading

Christy has been leading in many different forms for many years. From leading at Vineyard Music, to the local Church, to leading a Church, Christy shares her own insights & struggles in leadership as well as talks with friends who have great insights to encourage women in their roles of leadership whether it be in the Church, business or pioneering something new...

Interviews & Clips about Mental Health

Nothing is more important than hearing from people who have struggled, are struggling or who are caring for someone with mental health. Mental Illness is a major aspect of culture and we need to hear from experts, as well as people who have experience on how to engage.

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Pioneering Resources

We're building this part of the site to have specific resources on Church Planting & pioneering new stuff. When Christy began in several areas of ministry there weren't many models or much help so she realized its important to give back to the areas where you have lived with the absence of resource. We'll be offering several encouragements from different leaders from different Church movements & businesses to encourage you to keep going.

Resources on Mental Health

Here are some helpful links for support for mental health. Christy does not endorse everything said and/or offered.


Mind and Soul, UK

Livability, UK



Teaching Video's

Christy shares with Virginia Beach, Vineyard.


Your support and contributions helps in supporting Christy. Especially in this transition as she continues to focus on creating materials for Church plants, especially places who do not have the ability to purchase materials. As well as the establishing more materials concerning mental health. 

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