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Having been in Church ministry well over two decades, building various ministries, leading a Church for 11 years, as well as traveling the globe building, encouraging & loving the larger Church, Christy has found herself in a new season. She loves talking leadership & encouraging the local Church. Having spent the last few years talking all things mental health, Christy initially felt this was just a season. She now realizes this will probably always be a part of what she continues to focus on as she dives deeper into various areas of mental health. But whats most important to Christy is her children, Camie Rose, who is now married to Hobie Johnson, and John Richard II who just finished High School. After both traveled with Christy most of their life, now both are grown and off on their own adventures.


What I'm About

Its no secret, the Church is shifting yet again. What was available 20 years ago in the area of ministry, Church planting or other ways to connect within serving the local Church has grown exponentially. Christy travels around the world and loves encouraging leaders. Whether it be within the walls of the Church or ways of connecting the community with the Church, her desire is to be a bridge in connecting & building the Church globally. From doing small leadership gatherings or investing in leadership in various Movements, her desire is to be an encouragement. No matter the platform  her hope and goal is to equip, encourage and build into the local Church.


Latest Projects

Effective Leadership

Many years in the making, coming November, 15, 16, Christy is gathering some of her friends to offer a time of equipping,  ministry & support to women who are in various leadership roles. Those who carry head, co-head positions, whether it be in pastoral, worship, or business, this is going to be so awesome! Christy Wimber, Malcolm Duncan, Simon Ponsonby, Sarah & Julian Richards, Arianna Walker & others... very limited space.. More details on the link

Latest Book: Wholeness

The book is doing amazingly well & can be found at Amazon & local book stores.

Conversations with Christy

Each show tackles a topic or highlights a conversation needing to take place.  

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It's no secret the world is seeking leadership & its needed more than ever. In order for the Church to be effective, we must be present. This is not about conquering or taking over cities and organizations, but learning how to serve effectively. Whether male or female, the Church needs people willing to lay down their lives for the sake of the Kingdom. This section will feature interviews, clips & articles encouraging all of us to grow in the area of leadership.


Mental Health

1 in 4. Thats the statistic with those struggling with mental health. With all thats happening around the world, this is growing. How do we bring healing & wholeness to the world around us? Christy has shared that she believes that if the Church forsakes the opportunity to get equipped in the area of mental health, learning new prayer models, we will be ineffective or sadly continue to damage in various ways. The world is groaning & with more & more tragic events, the aftermath where mental health is affected will become greater. Getting equipped is the first step to getting involved.


Relationship Building/ Church Planting

Christy's love for the whole Church takes her around the world serving in several different Denominations, Movements with friends around the world. There are so many Church planting movements who are building into future generations. Find out more of what's happening around the world. If you have desire to plant a Church, send us a note & stay connected. We'll be offering some forums & interactions with those who want to plant, with who have more experience in planting. The world is getting smaller & Church Planting is ever changing. Be encouraged as there are incredible places who are in need of those willing to serve!

Interviews & Articles

NEW: Women Alive, What I'm Learning about Healing

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https: //

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What I'm Learning About Healing, Woman Alive, September 19 issue (pdf)


Helpful Resources

Interviews about Women Leading


Christy has been leading in many different forms for many years. From leading at Vineyard Music, to the local Church, to leading a Church, Christy shares her own insights & struggles in leadership as well as talks with friends who have great insights to encourage women in their roles of leadership whether it be in the Church, business or pioneering something new...

3 Part series talking women in various leadership roles:

Interviews & Clips about Mental Health


For the last several years, Christy & Katharine Welby-Roberts have held events talking about healing/mental health. Here are some of those teachings.

Wholeness Event

Christy & Katharine Welby-Roberts

What is Healing?

Q & A

Resources on Mental Health


Here are some helpful links for support for mental health. Christy does not endorse everything said and/or offered.


Mind and Soul, UK

Livability, UK


Support for Domestic Abuse


(UK) 0808 2000 247



Christy's Latest Teaching


Christy shares at the Wholeness event in Poole, UK

Prayer Ministry Model


Christy has updated a prayer model used in the Vineyard and other places around the world to include more details as well as helpful language in prayer ministry to those who struggle or care for those with mental illness. Look under the Leadership section above and you will find the resource located there.

Q & A with Christy

Christy shares a bit on this season and why she has been intentional in turning more towards women who are in various leadership roles. 


Your support and contributions help in supporting Christy to continue. From traveling, to speaking, to creating free materials for the Church around the world. Your giving makes a difference. 

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